APK-INVEST Group Summed Up Its 2013 Operating Results

According to the 2013 year-end results, APK-INVEST retained its status of the market leader, having demonstrated stable growth of all its production and economic indicators.

Market indicators
In 2013, APK-INVEST took up 18% of the industrial pork production market (in physical terms). The Company’s output amounted to 37,300 tonnes, which is 37% more than in 2012.

Comparative dynamics of the industrial pork production in Ukraine (based on the data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine), thousand tonnes

Production of the finished meat-and-sausage products grew up by 30% in 2013 amounting to 4,800 tonnes.

Trend of APK-INVEST production of finished meat-and-sausage products, thousand tonnes

The number of Myasna Vesna trademark retail stores went up to 106. The Company also expanded to a new area in 2013 opening stores in Odessa region. The Company’s products are present in the stores of Ukraine’s leading retailers: ATB, Auchan, Amstor, Brusnichka, Metro, Silpo, etc.

The export of APK-INVEST products rose up to 1,800 tonnes (demonstrating a 39% increase).

The Group’s land bank amounted to 32,000 hectares as of 31.12.2013. The gross yield of cereals made up 72,000 tonnes as of year-end, including 11,000 tonnes from the seed plots.

The mixed feed output increased by 24% and reached 156,000 tonnes. The feed mill’s total output is intended for feeding the Company’s own livestock.

As of 31.12.2013, the Group’s total livestock made up 256,000 head kept simultaneously (including suckling pigs), which is 18% more than in 2012. Thus, the production reached 450,000 head of commercial stock a year. The breeding stock rose by 13%, up to 22,400 head.

During twelve months of 2013, 448,500 head of pigs were put to slaughter, which is 32% more than in 2012.

Indicator Period Increase Increase (%)
2012 2013
Mixed feed production, thousand tonnes 126,0 156,0 30,0 23,8%
Herd livestock at feeder stations as of 31.12.2013, thousand head 216,3 256,0 39,7 18,4%
Slaughter, thousand head 339,8 448,5 108,7 32%
Total output, thousand tonnes 31,0 42,0 11,0 36%
Production of finished meat-and-sausage products, thousand tonnes 3,7 4,8 1,1 30%

Financial result and investments
In 2013, the sales net income of APK-INVEST amounted to UAH 1,005 million (net of VAT), demonstrating a 43% increase.

Total 2013 investments made up UAH 118,400,000 (including investments in production assets, seed growing, meat processing, transport, warehouse logistics and retail).

Indicator Period
2012 2013
Investments, UAH million, including 526,60 118,43
Plant growing, UAH million 61,03 15,08
Mixed feed production, UAH million 25,19 12,32
Cattle-breeding, UAH million 371,52 48,40
Meat processing, UAH million 47,03 26,51
Retail, UAH million 16,00 8,38
Other, UAH million 5,84 7,75

For three years in a row, the Company has been the leader among the biggest meat producers in Ukraine. Subject to the rating ‘Top 100 Largest Agricultural Companies of Ukraine’ (compiled by the TOP 100 magazine), APK-INVEST ranks first among the meat manufacturers in terms of the breeding stock size.

The Company’s contribution to the development of the country’s pig-breeding industry was honoured with an Industry Leader 2013 award presented by Dykun Global Consult based on its own research. Besides, APK-INVEST came first in the rating ‘Top 31 Largest Pork Producers 2013’ – the only Ukrainian rating based on the real statistical data. The closest competitors of APK-INVEST lagged behind significantly in terms of all the quantity indicators (breeding livestock; fattening livestock; live weight of pork supplied for processing), with the spread reaching twofold level in absolute terms.

The Myasna Vesna trademark of chilled semi-finished meat products (owned by APK-INVEST) became one of Ukraine’s TOP 50 most popular brands (according to the Focus national weekly).

For the second year in a row, APK-INVEST has become the acknowledged industry leader in the project Agrarian Elite of Ukraine and one of TOP 30 most socially responsible companies of Ukraine (according to GVardia).

Achievements and successes of the Company’s top management are reflected in the national and industry surveys, in particular, in the rating ‘Top 100 Best Top Managers of Ukraine’ (according to the magazine TOP 100. Rating of Ukraine’s Best Companies)

APK-INVEST was founded in 2006 and is currently the leading agri-industrial company of Ukraine. The implementation process of the investment and innovation project titled APK-INVEST has reached its closing stage, in strict compliance with the strategic plan. The project will be completed in 2015.

The Company’s closed production cycle makes it possible to control every production stage: from crop growing and mixed feed production to cattle-breeding, meat processing and product sales.

The business structure comprises plant growing, seed production, mixed feed production, and cattle-breeding, including stock breeding, meat processing, logistics and retail trade. The main production assets of APK-INVEST are located in Krasnoarmeysk, Konstantinovka and Alexandrovka districts of Donetsk region.

The Company employs 2,667 people.

The mission of APK-INVEST: ‘With our products we create prosperity of Ukraine’.

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