1 Объем инвестиций (eng)
2 Производство свинины (eng)
3 Доход от реализации (eng)
4 Рабочие места (eng)

The company

The company "APK-INVEST": *implements the largest innovation project in the agro-industrial sector of the Ukrainian economy.

  • Is the national leader in the industrial production of chilled pork, owner of the commodity brand «М’ЯСНА ВЕСНА»
  • Carries out a closed production cycle, which includes plant growing, production of mixed fodders, livestock, meat processing and sale of meat products



Happy Easter!

Easter is a bright holiday of all the good, of mutual understanding and faith. We wish you that all your plans come true and all your projects are crowned with success. Let the Easter Holiday be the beginning of a new stage in work and life.

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